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Visa to Italy for owners of estate property in Italy

You get some certain preference-advantages. Since the time Italy has been in the list of countries signed Schengen agreement possession of an apartment or a villa in Calabria will let you get Schengen multi-visa annually. You will be able to stay on the territory of the country during almost a half a year (180 days), or 90 days every six months (totally or occasionally or even more often). According to the Schengen agreement it is allowed to visit other countries of the agreement. For making a visa an owner of estate property needs a copy of paper for the right of property and register reference-note. Also, you have to pay a council payment.

Making a visa to Italy

People who intend to go to Italy have to make a visa. They have to apply for a visa to Italian visa center located in Moscow (address: 6, Maliy Tolmachevskiy side street, metro station Tretyakovskaya). In regions of Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad and etc. there are some branches, and residents of Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk, Pskov and the regions and also the Karelian republic apply for making Italian visa to Italian visa center in Saint-Petersburg (1/25, Kazanskaya street) Apart from the council payment (35 eu) you have to pay for service of the visa center which runs up in (1200 rubles) You could apply for a visa to Italian council directly by getting in a 4-week advanced booking list. In this case you have to send an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How to get a residence permit in Italy

A residence permit is named "Permesso di Soggiorno". This document is given to a foreigner by Immigration Department of Italian Policy. This paper allows you to stay legally for more than 180 days in Italy. What is more, you will be able to invite friends and relatives for having a rest in your own apartments in Scalea in the historical center or a villa by the Tirren sea. Getting a permission for residence in Italy may be possible in case of making family-union, business immigration or getting a job offer and also, if you have chosen Italy as a place for living residence – redenza ellettiva. The mentioned cases are particularly interesting to owners of estate property for people able to provide their living getting by rent, salary or pension without working on the territory of Italy. Before getting a permission for residence you will have to confirm your financial status deposit for getting a national visa category D.

Business in Italy

According to information from General council of The Republic of Italy in Saint-Petersburg Italy takes the sixth place among the countries in Europe and the fourth one for national product. Italy produces more than 13 percentages of value product of the European union. The economics activities in Italy are divided in using the common principle of European countries; 27,7% for industry and construction; and almost 70% - services. The second sector involves trade, transport and communication through operating companies in Italy which runs in up to the most remarkable part of national value product in Europe.

Situated in the center of the Mediterranean Italy is considered to be the most important crossroad of land, sea and air ways connecting the north and south of Europe. Italian market provides numerous facilities for business. It takes about 60 mln of consumers and has the 4th place of national value product of European union. Moreover, strategic location of Italy provides cooperation of 396 mln of consumers of other countries - members of the union and 240 mln of people in North Africa and the Middle east. The country with an annual turnover about 65 billon eu takes a leading position at European market (11%). Among the countries in Europe Italy is characterized as a country with low start expenses for running in bio-technological sector and takes the second place in the field of test, launch and development for a product, chemicals and electronics as well. For further information for having a right start of business or investment in Italy go and consult to the site,,

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