Why do we need to buy estate property in Calabria?

More and more people from Russia and other countries in Europe are taking up an interest in buying an apartment in Calabria? What attracts them in Italy? What helps them make their choice?

Being the owner of property in Calabria or scalea means getting some favorable and pleasant bonuses.

 Скалея, Калабрия  Скалея, Калабрия

  • You provide yourself an opportunity to have a rest on the cleanest beaches of Apennine semi island in Calabria that is considered to be the best in Italy, in any time you like. Going out of your apartment in Calabria you will find  yourself on the coast of blue sea or in a historical center of an old town or a quiet street of a lovely village in Europe nearby the sea and mountains. Isn't that a dream?
  • The pace of life in Italy is quite high. The law protects property and civil rights. Buying  property in Calabria is also a kind of good investment.
  • The price for estate property in the south of Italy is one of the lowest in Europe nowadays. However, it is going to go up.
  • Good geographic location. It takes about 3 hours to get to Italy from Moscow and a few hours to get to the other countries in Europe like  France, Austria and Switzerland. Here is a great opportunity for traveling around Italy at very attractive prices,having  voyages and a rest.
  • Having an apartment in Calabria does you good. It may improve health. The  climate is favorable and you  will provide yourself fresh fruit and vegetables from ecologically clean regions. You will enjoy the beauty of the nature that makes a great impression on you. There is everything here mountain rivers and lakes, forests with rare plants, pines particular for that zone which you can not find anywhere else.
  • The  place has got an interesting background. It has been known since the Romans times. It has always been popular with people for famous terms spa which can treat and cure different diseases and have a competitive advantage to some modern spa treatments.

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