Russian are sure that having a dacha - a villa at the seaside or by sea in Europe is very prestigious nowadays

Due to severe climate in most regions of Russia where winter may last a half a year or longer a lot of Russian people are thinking of buying a dacha by sea in Europe which is very prestigious. The climate in most part of Russia is quite severe. Winter may last a half a year or longer in some regions. So a lot of people are thinking of buying a dacha by sea. Thousands of them have already done that. Investment in property is one of the most reliable ways to save and increase Capital. Having savings for the evening of life when you are retired is a wise decision. Besides that the estate market has already been formed as quite clear and safe for any activities.

Buying property abroad is much safer, simpler and cheaper than in Russo.

Taking into account all things we have just mentioned you will be able to buy estate property with help of experts in the agency Riviera Italiana.

If you intend to buy a house by sea you are probably a successful, thoughtful person, thinking about future, a person who values reliability and comfort.

The growth for estate property in Russian mega polices causes an interest to property in Europe. Prices for dacha by sea – Tyrrhenian, Adriatic the Mediterranean are worth to a price for a 2 room apartment or a flat in a big Russian town. In Moscow, S. Petersburg the prices are much higher than prices for flats or houses abroad.

Italy is one of the most attractive countries for buying property by sea. Good relations between Italian and Russian, favorable climate, beautiful nature, clean sea and an opportunity to buy a visa are main advantages and bonuses.

At first it seems not to be so good with prices. When you have a look at prices for estate property in the center and in the North of Italy (in Rome, Milan, Venice, near Garda lake and in Toscana) a dacha by sea in the South Italy in Calabria.
The South of Italy is famous for lovely medieval towns and villages and also modern complexes suitable for buying as a house by sea.

One of the places like this is Scalea which has run in its history since antique time. Founded at early times Scalea still has been keeping Medieval architecture, you can see houses built in 12 century. The main sightseeing attraction is the tower Talao, located on a rock. It used to be a fort, an Island -fortress. The town was growing and developing at that time and gradually occupied the continent. Today it is visual by land shaft with the view of mountains.

The south of Italy is one of the most attractive places for buying property by sea and also one of the most popular tourist's place in Italy. There is a wide range of property to choose. Photos Calabria photo gallery southern regions you could buy property in Scalea, Diamante, San Nicola Archella, Santa Maria del Cedro and other towns in Calabria.

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